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Web Design, development,Revamp and monitor every type of website from Family Group sites to large E-commerce sites.

Below are descriptions of just a few some with prices and some that require customized pricing


Let us build your new online home! Whether you’re new to the web or looking for an upgrade, Electronic Marketing Services Inc’s website service has you covered!

Family Group Website

This would be a website devoted to sharing family photos & videos, a family blog section, family calander and event section.

$249 One-Time Fee


Business Presentation Website

Designed for those business wanting their business to have an Internet presence without the need for extensive number of functions.

This would includes a home page with either stock photos of their type of business or actual photos of their business or staff, a short store or description of the business, location and contact information.

$399 One-Time Fee

Business Products Website

Designed for those business want to display some of their products such as a menu, clothing examples, services or results of their services.

These websites would have multiple display pages, along with descriptions and benefits of their products.

Includes Business Presentation Plus

E-commerce Online Store

Designed for those business to sell their products online to maximize the profitability of their business.

Includes Business Product Website Plus

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