Maximize Results With Social Media .

Connect with your audience and build an online presence with our social media marketing services. The necessity of social media is undeniable. We will help you reach your demographic and build your brand identity using a curated social media strategy. 

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Facebook and Instagram are a part of daily life of billions today. With such a massive reach, it is a valuable tool for you to expand your network and grow your business. Our social media experts will develop a custom social media content strategy to keep your audience engaged and build digital credibility.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

Drive traffic to your business from the biggest Social Media platforms on the web

Build Brand Awareness

Posting unique content regularly on Facebook and Instagram is essential to build digital credibility and awareness.

Reach Your Audience

Isolate demographic with specific skills, age, gender to target the audience whom you want to market your product.

Increase Your Sales

Social media is an integral part of every digital marketing campaign. It helps generate leads and boost sales.

Grow Organically

Engage with your audience regularly on social media by posting unique and original content relevant to your audience.

Expand Your Reach

Through social media, you target the consumer directly and not the search term. We will help expand your network.

Our Result Driven Social Media Management

Social Media Audit

Our process starts with auditing your business. This way we understand what is working for you and how we can improve results.

Social Profile Optimization

We will optimize your social profiles in accordance to our strategy. This will drive high value users to your social media profile.

Content Management

Our goal is to create unique and engaging content that educates and instills a sense of purpose in the mind of the users.

Reporting & Analysis

We analyse metrics to get best results. You will get a detailed report each month that provides an in-depth look at our efforts and results.

Paid Advertisements

We use social media paid advertising as it is a cost effective way to promote a business. This will increase traffic to your website.

Customer Service

We will engage with your customers and gain insights by replying to their queries, comments, or messages on your social media profiles.

Choose Social Media Experts

Social media provides a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their demographic. Yet, establishing a social media presence is not easy. That is because it is an acquired expertise. At Electronic Marketing Services, we have a team of social media experts who have spent 23 years helping large and small businesses grow and expand their reach. Our team of social media experts have an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of how to make businesses succeed through digital marketing efforts.
Our vast experience and expertise in the industry is something you can use to grow your business. We can learn your business story and values and narrate it to your targeted audience in a way that they find it interesting, exciting, and engaging. Spending more than two decades in this industry, we have developed quite an arsenal of digital marketing solutions. Perhaps, your business can benefit from it.

Industry Leading Experts

Our team includes professionals in not only a wide variety of fields but also passions. With over 23 years in the business, we have worked with thousands of small and large businesses. Each business’ requirements, challenges, goals have helped our team grow in terms of knowledge and understanding.

Strategic Approach

A business’ social account must have a plan of action. We will study your business and the audience you are targeting to devise a social media plan that resonates with your objectives. We are constantly in communication with you to identify the best strategy to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Platforms


Promote your business and create brand awareness unlike any other on the Internet’s largest social media network. From creating your business profiles, strategising, doing competitor research, posting content regularly, to replying to comments and customer’s feedback, we will take care of everything. We tend to every smallest detail and give our best to each step of the process.


This is one of the fastest growing social networks on the web. We will help you tell the story of your business visually on Instagram which resonates with your targeted audience. We will get people talking about your brand with the biggest social media platforms. Our goal is simple - increase followers, boost sales, and generate more revenue.

Build a Social Media Presence

You have a vision in your mind and we have the expertise to get you there. There are about 3 billion social media users worldwide. Social Media Brand Management team will help your brand reach these users across the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. Our social media team will devise a strategy to increase followers and engagement on your business’ social media profiles. Our content is unique and original. Everything we post online is strategized and is intended to incite consumers to visit your website and purchase your product. 

Using social media, you can reach your exact audience. Through our curated social media marketing campaigns, we target the user instead of the search term. While handling your social media, we make sure to post quality content consistently. However, posting content is only a part of the equation, we immerse ourselves in every step of the process to ensure you get the best results. On Facebook, only a limited number of your followers will see what you share. This is where our expertise can help.  Our boosted posting and paid advertisements help you engage with a larger audience. This way we will promote high quality content and expand your reach. At Electronic Marketing Services, we study analytics and metrics to drive the best results. We keep all our efforts and results transparent with you. All these statistics will be shared with you in our monthly reports.  

Looking For Scalable Marketing Solutions?

Our social media marketing’s purpose is to drive traffic, boost sales, increase audience and expand your reach. Our campaign covers all these aspects without compromising your business values. Social media marketing is key to successful digital campaigns today. Especially for small and medium businesses, social media helps reach local audiences, promote the business, and most importantly build relationships with the users more effectively than any other medium. 

Our Social media marketing services provides space for every type of business. Our social media brand management have provided marketing solutions to thousands of businesses over the years. Our results speak for ourselves. Our team of social media experts have devise a comprehensive strategy backed up by data to drive more followers and engagement on your business’ social profile. 

For any queries or concerns, reach out to us.