How are you advertising your business to the public?

Are you spending a fortune on postcards, with the cost of postage what it is?
Maybe you’re using “Spray and Pray” print advertising and hoping someone reads it?
Or are you still depending on the old fashioned “yellow Pages” that was successful back when dial phone were used?

If you're not using Search Engine Advertising now, here's why you should.

With Search Engine Advertising you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, ratherthan wasting money on print ads, hoping the right person sees your ad.

On average, Search Engine Advertising can increase your advertising ROI up to 400%.

82% of shoppers search online first when buying a product or service.

With Search Engine Advertising you can reach thousands of potential customers at the exact moment they are searching for products or services like yours.

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Have you ever wondered if anyone read your ad? With Search Engine advertising you will get a monthly report of just how many have seen AND opened your advertising.

With print ads you “Pay and Pray”, with Search Engine Advertising you “Pay the same and get Detailed Reports”.

These reports will show

  • How many looked at your Ads.
  • How man clicked and opened your Ads.
  • What search terms did they use to find your Ad’s
  • Remarketing to people who have already seen one of your Ads.
  • Which Ads showed better results

Ask yourself, do you really want to pay for “Spray and Pray” print ads, or ger much better results with your advertising dollars?

Internet Advertising Package

  • Account setup
  • Create 3 Google Ads for your business
  • Review and select geographical advertising market
  • Review and select demographic targeting
  • Research and select up to 25 relevant keywords


  • Monitoring and optimization of advertising budget
  • Monthly ad review (replace underperforming ad)
  • Monthly Keyword review (replace underperforming keywords)
  • Monthly Performance reports


(No long-term contract required)

Optional Services

  • Additional Ad Campaigns
  • Additional Keyword research
  • Customer Retention Management database (CRM), for follow-up advertising and coupon offers
  • Emailing Marketing service
  • SMS Marketing service