Electronic Marketing Services - Sample Reports

At Electronic Marketing Services we believe in transparency and clarity when it involves sharing the results of our clients’ marketing campaigns. That is why we share those results with you every month in a detailed and interactive report. You will get a monthly performance summary featuring key factors that will immediately let you know how well your marketing program is performing.

1- Search Engine Advertising reports

Search Engine Advertising is creating ads, whether script, images, or video, on the internet that drive potential customers to your website. Unfortunately, once the ad is created and running, many people take the “set it and forget it” approach – not Electronic Marketing Services. We monitor each ad campaign and adjust it according to several key factors:

how many times your ad was viewed on a user’s computer screen.

how many users clicked on your ad and were redirected to your website.

the average cost you are charged when a user clicks on your ad.

a specified action taken by a user after clicking on your ad, such as purchasing a product or signing up for an email list.

 the total cost paid for an advertisement in relation to the success in achieving the goal of that advertisement.

this is the total monthly cost of your Ad Campaign(s).

2- Website Performance reports

A website is what allows you to do business in the digital world. It let’s you greet potential customers, teach them about your brand, guide them to the product or service they are looking for and eventually make that sale, turning potential customers into paying customers. By using web analytics, you can see the path your users are taking once they reach your website. This data provides a much greater understanding of the users on your website and is crucial to developing an online strategy.

the number of people that go to your website.

a session is a group of user interactions with your website performed by a single user.

the average length of sessions on your website.

the amount of people that are entering your site for the first time, as opposed to returning visitors.

the percentage of people who land on your website and then leave without performing any other action such as going to another page on your site.

the average number of pages a person views in a given session.