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Product Build Dashboard - Website

At Electronic Marketing Services we are well aware that your website is the front door to your online business and take much effort to design a website that you will be proud of and profit from.

To do this, we have developed a “Product Build Dashboard”. This dashboard will help us to work together with you to obtain the best results possible.

The image above is a sample dashboard used in building your website.

Each topic is there for your input and to keep track of our progress.  While completing your website, we may occasionally ask you to visit this page and supply additional information if needed.

There is also a contact us button where you can add your comments or questions.

Once things are competed and approved your website will go live and you will have access through your business Dashboard which is illustrated on the left.

This dashboard will let you keep track of visitors, specials you may be running, coupons you are offering or any announcements you wish to post, depending on which services you choose.

Product Build Dashboard – Search Engine Marketing

No matter how good you are at running your business, in whatever field you work, if you’re not a specialist in acquiring customers, patients, or clients your business can suffer. Here at Electronic Marketing Services, we are specialists in digital marketing, but without your guidance on the best way to promote your business, we would be flying blind.

On the above image “Product Build Dashboard” for our Search Engine Marketing service.

This dashboard helps us to better understand your goals by working together, to reach the results you are looking for.

>>>>>>>Go over each button<<<<<<

When completed your account will GO live and your Product Build Dashboard will change to a Company Dashboard, allowing you to update specials and notices, send client reminders or updates and keep in contact with prospects, depending on which services you have selected.

Customer Communication Service - Dashboard

No matter what your business is, there is a benefit in having a positive relationship with the people that buy or use your product or service. This can easily be accomplished with our Customer Communication Service.

With the aid of our Customer Dashboard, you will be able to send newsletters related to your business, give your customers and prospects sales or coupon notices, even send holiday or birthday cards all from one central location.

Select an email template, add your own images and script and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy! Soon your approved contact list will receive your message with no licking of envelopes or writing out envelopes.