This advertisement can be customized for your pizzeria, display your specials, offer an appealing discount or coupon, and go to thousands of local residents or businesses for less than the cost of one printed ad.


1- Ad Template setup

  • After receiving your request, one of our template design specialists will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to customize your ad.
  • This will include up to three product images and descriptions.
  • A header image and business description.
  • Your coupon code and description.
  • Your ad could say, “Can be used online or in store”.
  • Your ad should have an expiration date.
  • You may consider offering three ways to enjoy our delicious food, Eat-in, Curbside pickup, and delivery.

One time cost $95

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2- Blast Emailing

  • Your ads will go to people who have already, through a previous offer with other products, have agreed to accept discount ads.
  • Select the area, frequency, and size of your advertising campaign.
  • You can choose to have your campaign sent in your zip code, another zip code, or within a selected mile radius of your location.
  • Everyone that opt-ins to receive additional coupons from your pizzeria will also receive a personalized email from you.
  • These opt-ins will also be added to your Customer Communication Emailing list.
  • Your ad can be sent on a one-time campaign, a preselected frequency, or on special occurrences.
No of Emails Original Price Special Discount
5,000 Emails $500 $250
10,000 Emails $900 $450
15,000 Emails $1200 $600

3- Customer Communication Account

This is where you turn inquiries into long-term customers and grow your business.

    • You will receive an online record of everyone who wishes to be included in your upcoming offers or specials.
    • You will be able to keep in touch with every one of these potential customers through your Customer Communication Account.
    • You can send them special coupons, discounts, holiday greetings or other information regarding your pizzeria.
    • The larger you grow your list the more customers you will have.

Monthly cost starting at $25

Let’s get Started

Please complete the following information and we will have a marketing representative get back to you within two business days to setup your ad and account.