This recruitment advertisement can be customized for your business and go to thousands of local residents that may be looking for employment.

Here is a proven way to hire the best local talent with a direct one-to-one message. The results are 75% to 350% more efficient and cost-effective than newspaper ads, fliers, signs in windows or employment agencies.


1- Ad Template setup

  • After receiving your request, one of our template design specialists will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to customize your ad.
  • This will include up to three job positions and descriptions.
  • A header image and business description.
  • A link to your application form.
  • All inquiries will be available in your Communication Account for your review and correspondence.
  • Your social media links.

One time cost $95

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2- Personalized Email Advertisements

  • Select the employee search area, frequency of advertisement, and volume of your hiring plan.
  • You can choose to have your campaign sent in your zip code, another zip code, or within a selected mile radius of your location.
  • Everyone that views your job openings will receive a personalized thank you from you.
  • These views will also be added to your Communication Emailing list.
  • Your ad can be sent as a one-time campaign, a preselected frequency, or on special occurrences.
No of Emails Original Price Special Discount
5,000 Emails $500 $250
10,000 Emails $900 $450
15,000 Emails $1200 $600

3- Customer Communication Account

Not only will this help you turn inquiries into employees, but it will also serve as a place to keep your marketing campaigns and turn prospects into long-term customers and grow your business.

  • You will receive an online record of everyone who wishes to be included in your upcoming offers or specials.
  • You will be able to keep in touch with every one of these potential employees and customers through your Customer Communication Account.
  • You can send special coupons, discounts, holiday greetings or other information regarding your business.
  • The larger you grow your list the more customers you will have.

Monthly cost starting at $25

Let’s get Started

Please complete the following information and we will have a marketing representative get back to you within two business days to setup your ad and account.