Medical Services Industry

For less than the cost of one newspaper ad we can show you how to increase your business by up to 20%.

The following recommendations are what works best in the Medical Services Industry.

Website Development

You Digital Front door

It has been said that “First impressions are lasting impressions.” A website is where you can show the world how you stand out among your peers and why you are the best choice for their needs.

Document Upload and Send

Allow your patients to upload any necessary documents on your website’s patient portal, safely and securely, knowing we protect all our websites with the latest in SSL security.

Doctor and Staff Directory

Let your website users “get to know” the doctors and staff by adding pictures and bios.

3rd Party Integration

We can integrate or connect your website to any Electronic Health Record (EHR) (such as Dr.Chrono), appointment scheduling, or medical billing software your practice utilizes.

Patient Expectations/FAQs

Create a Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer the common questions patients ask. Add an “Ask a Question” button for any other inquiry.


Keep your patients and any user up to date about the latest Covid news and best practices, cold & flu season, or anything else you want to inform them about right on your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Account Management

Client Acquisition

With SEM, you can advertise directly to people in need of your medical services at the exact moment they search for them online.


Continue to show ads to users that visited your website but have not set up an appointment yet, keeping your practice at the forefront of their minds.

Customer Communication Service


Reach out to your patients with regularly scheduled newsletters, keeping them apprised of any new happenings or changes within your practice.

Automated Client notices

Set up automated emails that will keep your patients on top of their paperwork, scheduling, or anything else that needs to be completed in a timely fashion.

All our packages include a complete operating Dashboard, giving you the opportunity to post notices or sales along with the ability to send emails and text messages to your client base. These include hundreds of templates for sales, newsletters, notifications, holiday cards, discount offers, even birthday cards can be sent. All controlled by you through your dashboard.

Reports are sent to you monthly to monitor activity and results of any activities associated with your package.

Most packages cost less per month than one ad in a local newspaper or flyer.

Contact us to find out how we can customize these services to your needs and help you grow your business to the next level.

All packages include a free half-hour consultation with one of our marketing specialists along with our marketing E-book.